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3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine

Product Details

Place of Origin: CHINA

Brand Name: AITE

Certification: CE

Model Number: AT-3000

Payment & Shipping Terms

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 UNIT

Price: USD158000

Packaging Details: NO PACKING

Delivery Time: 30 WORKDING DAYS

Payment Terms: L/C, T/T

Supply Ability: 1 UNIT 20 WORKING DAYS

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CNC Panel Bender Edge Bending Machine


3000mm Edge Bending Machine


3000mm CNC Panel Bender

3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine

2. Product Overview

After 3 years of technical research, the company’s technical research and development department has developed servo flexible bending center with cutting-edge technologies. The speed is only 0.2 second per bending motion. The equipment can automatically bend up and down according to the bending programming to achieve an arc, The combination of flattening bending and various angles saves a lot of labor and tool costs for processing.

The max. size of the panel processed is 2500mmx1250mm, and the system controls up to 10 axes -X, Y, C, V1, V2, Z1, Z2, W1, W2, and P.

3. Main Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters Unit Model
Feeding Structure / Clamping Arm
Bending Length mm 2500
Maximum Bending Height mm 110
Minimum Bending Height mm 7
Min. Inner Size of Four-side Bending mm 160*240
Min. Inner size of One-side Bending mm 160
Minimum Arc Radius mm 2
Minimum Continuous Bending Speed s 0.5
Bending Angle °

0-90,up 1.5mm



Axes Controllable Set 13
Maximum Feeding Speed m/min 120
Equipment Size mm 6200*3800*2500
Equipment Weight Ton 23
Total Power KW 43
Average Power KW 5
Workbench Structure / Brush & Rolling Bead
Speed Adjustment   Standard
Advanced Command   Standard
Arc Command   Standard
Loading Robot Interface   Standard
Hinge Tooling   Optional

Note: The angle range for thick panel bending is from negative 90° to positive 90°.

4. Main Component Configuration

1 System Control Unit Independent R&D AIOTEK
2 Servo Unit Cooperative R&D
3 Linear Guide Rexroth
4 Ball Screw HIWIN
5 Main Electrical Components Schneider
6 Bearing NSK
7 Reducer Taiwan Wanxin
8 Pneumatic parts Airtac

5. Thickness Range of Sheet Metal (Can be customized)

Material Max. Thickness(mm)
Stainless Steel(SS) 1.0
Carbon Steel (MS) 2.0
Aluminum(AL) 3.5


6. Frame and Bending Demo


3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 0

◆Servo flexible bending center frame. The frame adopts high-strength welding structure, the main structure is stable with a long service life.

◆Heat treatment to remove internal stress, strong rigidity, heavy tonnage, ensuring long-term stability of the machine accuracy, and improving the bending accuracy, reliability and durability of the bending center.

Bending Demo

◆Downward Bending ◆Upward bending

3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 1 3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 2

Taiwan HIWIN Bead Screw


3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 3

Rexroth Linear Guider

3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 4

Japan NSK Bearing


3000mm CNC Panel Bender edge bending machine 5



7. Documents, Tools and Spare Parts

1. Documents

No. Item Quantity Unit
1 Packing List 1 COPY
2 Certificate 1 COPY
3 Manual 1 COPY
4 Foundation Drawing 1 COPY
5 Electric Schematic Diagram 1 COPY
6 CNC System Information 1 COPY


2. Tools and Spare Parts

No. Item Remark Quantity
1 Plum Spanner M42 1 SET
2 Hexagonal Socket Wrench S1.5-S10 1 SET
3 High Pressure Oil Gun   1 PCS
4 Hose Ø 8 5 M
5 T-Tee Ø 8 2 PCS
6 Foundation Accessories   1 SET
7 Nylon Cable Tie L200 30 PCS
8 Socket Head Screws M10*45 GRADE 12.9 6 PCS


8. User Preparation


1. Power supply: 380V, 50HZ, the voltage fluctuation is -5%~+10%; when the voltage fluctuates greatly, the user must be equipped with a voltage stabilizer, otherwise it will cause the low-voltage electrical appliance to be in an abnormal working state, and the life of the electrical device will be reduced or Problems such as damage, scrapped processed products, stopping of work caused by motor alarms, and damage to computer hard disks.

2. Air source: output 0.6Mpa or more, dry and clean compressed air, air supply volume 0.3m3/min; if the air is not dry enough, the user should be equipped with a refrigeration dryer, otherwise there will be water in the pneumatic parts and the friction resistance of the piston will change If the sealing ring is worn out, it will cause problems such as air leakage. Especially in winter, it is easy to freeze, which will cause aggravated damage to the pneumatic components.

3. Ambient temperature: 0°C ~ +40°C; lower than 0°C will cause the oil-water separator, gas tank and other parts that may contain water to freeze. The lubricating oil will be too viscous due to low temperature, which will affect the lubricating, Resulting in damage or failure of components.

4. Environmental humidity: relative humidity 20~80%RH (non-condensing).

5. Keep away from strong vibration sources and electromagnetic interference; if the distance is too close, the user must be equipped with a filter, otherwise it will cause computer screen flickering, LED light flickering, driver alarm, encoder abnormality, or interference with other nearby equipment.

6. An environment with little dust, no harmful and corrosive gases.

7. The foundation is prepared according to the supplier's foundation plan.

8. The user should select personnel who have a high school level or above, understand basic computer operations, and can work in this position for a long time for training.





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